Do the words ‘digital transformation’ strike fear into your heart?

The idea of an army of consultants telling you how to run your business with overly complicated language, confusing technology and endless fees?

Good. Because that’s what led you here.

Welcome to Uproar.


No boring slide-decks. No fluffy ‘strategic’ reports. Just practical prototypes designed with you to take your business forward now.


No repetitive workshops sticking post-it notes on walls. Just proven methods to launch new digital products and services that scale faster, and transform your business forever.


No money wasted on pointless tech. Just the investment in the  right tools to grow your business, improve productivity, and make your life easier.


No more tedious, manual work. No more unnecessary tasks. Just automation in the right areas of your business to save money and free up time for what matters.

You know what to do

Recent events have changed our world. There’s no denying it. But we’re not here to scare you into action.

You already know your business needs to go digital. You just want to avoid the usual bullsh*t making it happen. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Because after all the long hours, the late nights, the stress and the uncertainty, the last thing you need is more disruption.

You deserve what you’ve worked so hard for. A growing business, growing profits, more time, more freedom. Without the usual faff, risk and pain getting from A to B.

That’s what we do.

We are Uproar, the digital transformation specialist. We bring FTSE 100 and big brand expertise to real businesses like yours. We offer an 'all in one' service - and tailor the process to you.

What can we say about ourselves? Well, we’re fed up.

We’re fed up with the jargon, the nonsense, the complexities in our industry. We’re fed up with seeing millions of pounds wasted on projects that achieve diddly squat. We're fed up with seeing real businesses being ignored and forgotten whilst tech juggernauts and ‘unicorns’ take over.

And that’s what fuelled us to create a better way.

Now you might be rolling your eyes at this point, muttering something like, “another digital transformation business claiming to be different.”

But hold on there, pal. Let us explain why we really are different.

We’ll start with you

Forget ‘customer-centricity’. What do you want? Want to retire in 3 years? Want to run a multinational from your smartphone? Just want your business to work even better? Tell us. We’ll go from there.

We’ll find your roar

Digital transformation should be a profitable, enjoyable and liberating experience. We’ll help you stop tinkering and start making bold moves to take your business to the next level.

We’ll avoid the usual bullsh*t

No smoke and mirrors here. With us, you'll get a safe pair of hands. We don’t
have time to mess around. We’ll just get straight to the things that get you where you want to be.

Book in a chat with us. We may even throw in a cup of tea.

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