Hassle-free digital transformation for SMEs

Uproar is the digital transformation service for small and medium sized businesses.

We help business owners and leadership teams just like you succeed.

What we do

Uproar makes digital transformation hassle-free for SMEs.

We help experienced business owners and leadership teams grow their business through digital transformation.

We offer a fully managed service bringing together top talent, the right technology and a method proven for a business like yours. Faster than internal teams. Cheaper than traditional management consultants.

With over 20 years experience, we are a trusted, reliable, safe pair of hands.

Our promise is simple: Go Digital. Work Smarter. Live Better.

Our service

Your business is unique. Your goals are too.

Our service covers all aspects of your digital transformation journey. We tailor it to meet your needs.

Transform your business for the digital economy

Digital disruption is changing your industry. Transforming your business to thrive in this new reality doesn’t have to be painful, risky or overwhelming.

We'll help you create a clear digital strategy to maintain your position at the forefront of your industry.


> Achieve your goals faster

> Avoid getting left behind

> Enjoy greater peace of mind

Launch new digital products and services

Digital products and services are more scalable, enjoy higher margins, create higher company valuations, and can grow whilst you sleep.

We'll take you from idea to launch and beyond, taking care of all research, design and technology decisions.


> Faster speed to market
> Outsmart your competition
> Avoid future disruption

Grow your business predictably

Your digital marketing should multiply capital in a repetitive, rather boring way. But it’s easy to waste fortunes on ‘creative’ strategies and tactics that don’t deliver. 

We'll help you win, keep and grow more customers with proven methods that ensure every penny works harder for you.


> Turbocharge your sales
> Gain pricing power
> Get off the revenue-rollercoaster

Break free from legacy processes and technology

People and technology are your two biggest investments. How much repetitive work could you automate? How could faster, cheaper, better technology give you a competitive edge? 

We'll help you get more for less, and free people to focus on what really matters - in an office or remotely.


> Cut costs and improve services
> Work anywhere, anytime
> Improve business resilience

Close the gap between strategy and results

Why are digital businesses like Amazon, Google and Netflix growing faster than others? It’s not magic. It’s how they work.

We'll help you build digital skills, embed agile ways of working and support your people to deliver continuously improving results.


> Build high-performing teams
> Deliver quality at pace
> Create a culture of innovation

Our approach

Refreshingly straightforward.

1 / Listen

You tell us about your current situation, your goals and when you want to achieve them.

2 / Plan

We develop a practical plan together to help you achieve these goals. We discuss the plan with you and agree the best course of action.

3 / Do

You may want to take that and implement it yourself. You may want us to implement it with you.


"Thank you so much! This has been a really successful project all round."

Alex F. Managing Director

"I just want to say a big thank you to the Uproar team. Everything you've done has been world-class."

Simon K. Business Owner

"We've been trying to do this for years. Thanks to you we're making real progress."

Henry S. Chief Executive

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